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Cancer is the only disease that has been defeated dozens of times without anyone knowing it. In the last 100 years, dozens of doctors, scientists, and researchers have developed diverse and effective solutions against cancer only to be thwarted by the political and propaganda power of the drug-dominated medical profession. This is the story of Essiac, Hoxsey, Laetrile, Shark Cartilage, Mistletoe, and Bicarbonate of Soda all put together in a stunning overview that leaves no doubt that inexpensive cures for cancer do exist but are systematically blocked by Big Pharma because they come from nature and cannot be patented.
癌症是唯一一种已经被攻克了多次却不为公众所知的疾病。在过去100年里,许多医生、科学家与研究者发展出针对癌症的,不同的有效解决方案,然而却被制药业所主宰的医疗行业的政治与宣传力所扼杀。这是一个关于Essiac,Hoxsey, 苦杏仁苷、鲨鱼软骨、榭寄生以及苏打重碳酸盐的故事,它们作为一个整体现象,无疑可以让人得出这样一个结论:廉价的癌症治疗方法确实存在,但被“大药业”所系统地封杀——由于它们来自于自然,因此无法被通过专利垄断产生暴利。

Part one  official medicine
第一部分  官方药品
20,000 people die of cancer everyday, this translates into 8,000,000 million every year, half million of which are Americans.
At the beginning of the last century one person out of twenty would get of cancer, in the 1940s, it was one out of every 16 people, in the 1970s, one person out of ten, today, one person out of 3 gets cancer in the cause of their life. Over one million Americans are diagnosed of a new cancer every year,
all these people are suddenly plunged into a dark tunnel that would dramatically changes their life for the years to come
Faced with an endless chain of medical tests, examinations, second-opinions, medications, new tests, surgical operations, support-therapies and follower-checks, they find themselves at the completely mercy of the disease,while in that tunnel, each patient feeds an immense medical apparatus that employs thousands and thousands of people and generates millions and millions of dollars for the medical pharmaceutic industries.


From research lavatories to medical schools, from prevention clinics to worldwide drug-sales.
Today, the cancer medical apparatus is so long and expensive that it needs its patients in order to survive just as much as the patients needs the apparatus
Cancer is a big business, one of the biggest business
The typical cancer patient spends at least 50, 000 dollars to treat his or her disease, with one million new American cancer patients every year, that translates in 50 billion annually spent on cancer treatment in the United states,
But to modern oncology cancer still remains a mystery,  What a century ago, was just wooden contraptions that only left a few feet off the ground, today has become sophisticated jets, capable of reaching incredible heights, 3 times the speed of sound,
What a century ago was the creaking sound of the telegraph over some rustling wires, today has become a global network of fiber optics, where millions of people exchange information in all possible directions.
What a century ago, was still a relatively unknown planet, today has been lit by day and night, and it has been exploded to the extent that we can visit from every latitude and longitude from the comfort of our home
The only thing that has not changed in the last hundred years is the apparent incapacity to understand and conquer a disease like cancer. Why?
The official theory maintains that cancer is a problem that originates in the human cell
Official theory: cancer is a group of over 100 diseases characterized by abnormal, uncontrolled cell growth
Cancer is a sometimes failed disease caused by the abnormal growth in division of cells, while normal cells have well-defined walls and nuclear, the uncontrolled growth in cancer cells cause  the creation of abnormal, unstructured mass of tissue, known as tumors.
Most cancer related deaths are due to。。。, malignant cells that penetrate into the circulatory system and established colonies in other parts of the body,
How and where the migrating cells stop is different or different cancer type.
Once the tumor cells are no longer moving, they can begin the process of forming a new tumor by leaving the blood-vessel, and begin to reproduce a new location.
If the new environment is suitable, the newly arrived cell will begin to grow, and a new tumor will develop,  this official theory, also called molecular theory, is basically the same that was formulated more than 50 years ago,
cancer begins, as the departure from normal cell growth that is harmful and unceasing,  if the abnormal cells grow slowly in a limited area, they are called benign tumors, if the cells are strayed to the other parts of the body, they constitute an malignant tumor, one that is cancerous,
cells of benignant growth, break off and travel through the blood-stream to other parts of the body, there, they may start new cancerous growth
in the last 50 years, the search for the cause of caner within the human cells have been pushed beyond anyone’s imagination.
Today, the most advanced lavatories are working directly on the human genomere in order to identify the genes that seem to be responsible according to some scientists, for the different kinds of caner
this opens the door to a dream-like scenario for the pharmaceutical industry, a world where each patient will need his own personal cure, tailor to his own personal needs,
One million new patients every year, one million new cures for each and everyone of them
What we wanna do is to match the disease with the cure,  palliative….is, by using the genomere tools, that’s really the whole cancer world now gonna be about for a very long time.
The question whether we gona break the cure maria。。。。Is not the question about ‘if’, is a question about ‘when’.
In the meantime, however, no one has been able to prove that the official theory is a correct one, and the origin of cancer is in fact a genetic nature.
Major advances that have been made in detection, prevention and treatment of cancer, but the mechanisms that triggers malignant cells growth are still not completely understood.
In the meantime statistics seemed only to get worse
The lost one of cancer, since 1940s the outlook for most cancer patients has remained the same, and one of three chance of living 5 years after diagnosed as using conventional therapy, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, drugs, the fact is, today two out of three of American cancer patients will be dead before 5 years.
Despite such dismal results, official oncology continues to impose on patients that only three therapies ever that have been authorized since the last 100 years: surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy,  and two of the three are actually carcinogenic,

surgery is the oldest technique and the most successful of the three, surgery is useful only when the cancer is localized, a minority of cases
patients also fear radiation dangerous side effects, one of these is that radiation can actually cause cancer,
the use of radiation remains controversial even in medical circles
as much as we can work with her mathematic problem, she was not comprehending it.

Elizabeth Kozeny(Cancer survivor): And it takes。。。。。。。
Part of Elizabeth’s brain wasn’t there anymore, because radiation has killed that part of the brain.
So the part of the brain that was responsible for memory was gone,
chemotherapy is designed to kill cells throughout the body, is highly toxic, however, and it also kill healthy cells , today chemotherapy is often given in combination with surgery, and radiation,
The typical chemotherapy agent certainly cause tiredness, there is a risk of sickness, but there are good anti-sickness drug available today in control that, chemotherapy frequently causes taste change, it can cause a sore mouth,  the first sign that many people ask about have is hair loss
In fact many chemotherapy drugs are carcinogenic, the toxicity is so high that all personnel that handle them must observe very strict safety rules, the disposal calls for total destruction and incineration of anything that contact with them, some of these drugs remains partially toxic even after incineration beyond 800 degree’s Fahrenheit,
But there is something new about chemotherapy as have been emergent of late,
Many ones who undergo for chemotherapy breast cancer describe several change to their memory and concentration
Researcher of the Michigan university comprehends him as cancer sinner as this phenomenon is very real,
Women have complained about communicative changes that have occurred during the time that they have been treated for their breast cancer for a long time now, and the turn-chemol-brain have been pointed, and this point is used to describe loss of concentration, difficulty in remembering things, having difficulty in thinking clearly, and not being able to function effectively in normal activities that a person was able to do perfectly well before they had treatment.
Simple little things, I will have to wait, to think of something, and this will be frustrating.
This is red, this is green.
Researchers say that chemotherapy creates memory problems that can last for a year
Children are also beginning to report long-term effects of chemotherapy drugs,化疗药物对儿童产生的长期副作用也有报道。
Things like my homework, like, let’s say, like math homework, when is real noisy and can’t focus, just make me feel that my mind has been razed
But, is there any benefit in chemotherapy?
John cains in Harvard university published a study in Scientific American, he found that chemotherapy drugs benefit at most 5 percent, one out of twenty that the cancer patients have been given to
If conventional therapy has such limited results, why isn’t the medical professionals willing to investigate alternative approaches?
The answer to this question maybe found in some historical events that took place almost a century ago, when the official medicines finally managed to gain the upper hand on the so-called ‘empirical doctors’ who cure patients was herbs and natural remedies,
In the 18 century, the society sanctions both approaches to healing, patients had the choice between either doctors called allopath, or natural healers called empirical doctors, or homeopath,   the two groups wages a bitter philosophical debate
The allopath doctors called their method heroic medicine, they believe that physicians must aggressively drive disease from the body, they base their practices on what they considered scientific theory
The allopath used 5 main techniques, they bled the body to drain off the bad humors, they gave huge doses of toxic melt, like mercury and lead to displace the original disease
They also used surgery, but it was a brutal procedure before the anesthetic and infection control, few patients were be willing to have surgery, most people feared allopath altogether,
Sad was the day remarks with the allopathic treatment the patients died of the cure   competing with the doctors with empiric healers, contrast to those doctor, they believe in stimulating the body’s own defenses to heal itself, instead of poisonous minerals, they use vegetable products and non-toxic substances and in small qualities.
They especially favored herbs learned from native American and the old European traditions, the empiric says that they base their remedy not on theory, but on observation and experience.

Sad was the day added, the patients died of the disease, not the cure.同样令人悲哀的是,随着治疗时间的拉长,病人死于疾病,而不是死于治疗过程
And the balance of power remained equal until the turn of the century, then new medical emerged that will potentially very profitable. The AMA joined with strong financial forces to transform medicine into an industry.

The fortunes of Carnegie、Morgan and Rockefeller financed surgery, radiation and synthetic drugs, they were to become the economic foundations of the new medical economy
The take-over of the medical industry was accomplished by the take-over of medical schools,   well, the people we are talking about were Rockefeller, and Carnegie in particular, came to the picture and said: we will put up money, they offered tremendous amount of money to the schools that were agreed to cooperate with them.
The donor said to the school that we are getting all the money, and now, would it be too much      to ask that if we could put some of our people on your board of directors? To see that our money is being spent wisely?
Almost overnight, all the major universities received large grant from these sources and also accepted one, two or three people that I had mentioned on their board of directors, and the schools were literally taken-over by the financial interests that have put up the money.
Now what had happed was the result that the schools did receive an infusion of money. They were able to build new buildings, they were able to add expensive equipments to their lavatories, they were able to hire top-notch teachers,
But at the same time as they doing that, they skew the whole things in the pharmaceutical drugs, that was the efficiency in philanthropy, the doctor from that point forward in history would be taught pharmaceutical drugs, all of the great teaching institutions of the America were captured by the pharmaceutical interests in this fashion, and it’s amazing how little money it really took to do it,
Surgery became viable with anesthesia and infection control, and doctors advocated expensive radical operations, this in turn produced the needs for a large lucrative hospital system, radiant fever swept medicine, the price of radiance rose one thousand percent almost overnight, another costly technological industry added to the hospital system, a drug industry grow out of the booming patent medicine business
The doctors changes educational standards and license in regulations to exclude the empirics
Soon only AMA approved doctors could legally practice medicine
In a brief twenty years, the AMA came to dominate medical practice
Organized medicine launched an immediate campaign to associate the empirics with quacks,
The cold word for competition was quackery
So now, the average doctor goes to school, he gets great education, he has to be really smart to get through it, he learns all about drugs, he doesn’t know too much about basic nutrition, I found that the average wife of these physician knows more about nutrition than he does, but they sure know their drugs, if you go to your typical doctor today, I don’t care what it is, chances are that you gonna walk out of there with a prescription.
Why, because that’s what he has been trained to do.
(big pharma)the companies that make up the pharmaceutical industry are among the largest corporation in the world, together these businesses have come to be known as big pharma
制药产业的公司属于世界上最大的公司,这些商业作为一个整体被称为“Big Pharma”(大制药业)
In 2004, their combined global sales were over half a trillion dollars, with Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson leading the pack
In the US, the core of big pharma’s immense profit is from sales of prescription medication
and since only these drugs can be prescribed by medical professions, most of the industry promotional and marketing activities are directed at doctors, pharmacists and other health providers
This started out as the first day of medical school, and many medical schools, even the incoming students, that, you know, two years away from seeing a patient were start to get gifts from the pharmaceutical industry, and as the students get farther long in the medical education, the interactions and gifts escalate, to free lunches, to dinners
Champaign, brunches, happy hours, New York jet tickets, no matter where you spend money, you make money, and my boss always told me, don’t worry about it, there will almost be more funding, spend what you can, in fact, if I give you a hundred thousand dollars to spend, Gina want you to spend two hundred thousand
Before 1980th , most clinical research was funded by the Nationalist Institution of Health, during the 90th, most of their researches got to pull out of the universities, was being done, was brought to for-profit research organizations.
The problem is, that gave virtual complete control over the research to the drug companies, they could design the studies, they have control,
they does so that many of the authors of most of the important articles published in our best journals are not allowed to see their own data, and they don’t get free access to their own data, and they have controlled the publication,
to summarize over, the pharmaceutical industry first gain control of the teaching system, then it gave the AMA power to exclude all the doctors from practicing    ,then it took over the entire drug testing process, while heavily influencing the medical publications that review those drugs, and finally, big pharma extended its control over the federal entity that is supposed to verify those drug’s safety and efficacy
At the opposite end are the citizens, and in the middle are the doctors, who must cure them base on the information can only get from the pharmaceutical industry which can no longer be verified,
Chemotherapy drugs are in fact among the most expensive of all, a one month supply of Erlotinib, a chemotherapy drugs produced by Roche cost 2,300 dollars; the same supply of Sorafenib, Bayer’s chemotherapy drugs cost 5,500 dollars, the monthly supply of Sunitinib, a chemotherapy drug produced by Pfizer cost almost 7,000 dollars
事实上化疗药物属于最昂贵的药物种类,拿 Erlotinib一个月的用量来说,使用Roche生产的这种药需要花费2300美元。相同用量的Sorafenib,拜尔生产的这种药需要花费5500美元。再就Sunitinib的每月用量而言,使用Pfizer生产的这种药每月需要花费7000美元。
The drug industry is among the most successful industry in the world, what they don’t wanna you to do is get better, if you get better, their market gone

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